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Music Videos

Gemma Wenger's original song, "Trust" sung by Gemma and filmed in the beautiful Mojave Desert.

Trust the Lord in everything. 

Gemma Wenger and Timothy Tucker sing to the Lord, "With Your Hands." Enjoy the desert of California as they sing in the beauty of nature.

Timothy Tucker and Gemma Wenger sing "I Will Carry You". Be encouraged that God will lift you up in your hour of deepest need.

Gemma Wenger and Tim Tucker sing "Make Me New." Let God's peace and love touch your heart and renew your spirit. Feel encouragement and hope from the Lord as you listen and receive.

Listen as Christi's original song “The Other Side” and beautiful voice encourage you to draw closer to the Lord.

Kirstin Leigh sings her new song "Changed My Story" on Gemma Wenger's Beauty For Ashes television show. Let God give you a new story and a bright future. Leave the past behind. You can't change yourself only God can. Kirstin almost died three times from alcohol poisoning, but God gave her the strategies she needed to refocus and achieve her goals.

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